Goodbye Camera Shy: 5 Tips For Getting Comfortable in Front of a Camera

by Tonya Wright

Your camera debut is a big deal; I get it – it’s your time to shine! Forget the pre-shoot jitters; I have five tips to help you feel comfortable and downright confident in front of the lens. And hey, if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area (or in one of my travel bucket list locations), maybe we’ll even capture the magic together!

1. Flaunt What Feels Good

Opt for outfits that let you breathe, move, and ooze confidence. Wearing something that feels familiar is the ultimate power move. Ditch the tight dresses that have you questioning every inch and opt for comfort because, let’s face it, you can’t conquer the camera when you’re busy worrying about how you look in a new outfit.

2. Location, Location, Location

Choosing a spot where you feel as comfortable as a cat in a sunbeam is key. If you’re camera-shy, steer clear of crowded places that’ll make you feel like you’re on display. Pick a remote location that resonates with your vibe, and let that comfort level skyrocket.

3. Moodboard ✨Magic✨

Get inspired, darling! Scroll through some Pinterest boards and get excited. Share what inspires you with your photographer; it’s like giving them a backstage pass to your soul. The more excited you are, the more your photos will radiate your unique energy.

4. Communicate Your Vision

The secret sauce to a killer photoshoot? Communication. Let your photographer know what you want, what you don’t want, and everything in between. It’s your story, and they’re the scribes capturing each chapter. Open those lines of communication and watch the magic unfold.

5. Find the Perfect Storyteller

Choosing the right photographer is like finding the missing piece of your puzzle. Your photographer should be someone who gets you, someone who becomes a part of your visual narrative. Vet them, check their rep, and make sure they’re the storyteller your fairytale deserves. This is especially crucial for things like boudoir shoots where you’re taking intimate photos of your most vulnerable self!

Oh, and a special note about boudoir shoots: Bring your bestie.

Imagine – A bachelorette bash with a camera. You can sip on mimosas with your ultimate hype person(s) while listening to your favorite playlist and let the good vibes flow. And if you have a rad photographer with a deal like my Luxe Boudoir Package,  you’ll have finger foods, keepsakes, and a glam treatment to match.

Ready to shake what your mama gave you? Get out there and own the show, and if you’re in the area, hit up my dm’s, and let’s make some magic together. I’ve always got room for one more!

Meet the Author

Tonya Wright is a wedding and elopement photographer based in the greater Portland Oregon area – and wherever her passion for photography takes her.

Her photography focuses on authenticity and genuine emotion, steering clear of clichés and awkward poses. To her, when you’re grooving in your comfort zone, with the people you love, doing what you love, everything clicks.

You can follow Tonya on Instagram at @nestandlove