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Unveiling the Magic: Boudoir Shoots 101

Alright, lovelies, let’s strip away the misconceptions and bare it all about boudoir shoots. Is it for you? Spoiler alert: it’s for EVERYBODY. Boudoir is about empowerment, self-love, and embracing your fabulous self. So, grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let’s unravel the secrets of this misunderstood art. What the Heck is Boudoir Anyway? Boudoir isn’t just for the OnlyFans crowd – it’s an artistic celebration of you. It’s about feeling confident and sexy. You don’t need a model’s look or a Victoria’s Secret contract. It’s all about you, feeling fantastic, and having a damn good time. Photographer’s Touch: Choose Wisely Different photographers, different vibes. Boudoir should always be a safe space where you call the shots. Some aim for the romantic and beautiful;

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What do I need to know before booking a photographer?— A Q&A with yours truly

Grab your favorite snack and buckle up. It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and answer all your most asked photography questions, so that you know what to expect when looking for a photographer for your wedding or elopement! 💰 What’s the damage to my wallet? Let’s cut to the chase, weddings and elopement shoots usually average between $2000 and $3000. That’s including the 4-6 hours your photographer will spend onsite, plus all the work that goes into the editing process. A solid rule of thumb? Allocate between 10%- 15% of your total budget towards a photographer. Your future self will thank you for investing in something more lasting than that fleeting bouquet toss. Want to know more? check out my Wedding Investment

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Goodbye Camera Shy: 5 Tips For Getting Comfortable in Front of a Camera

Your camera debut is a big deal; I get it – it’s your time to shine! Forget the pre-shoot jitters; I have five tips to help you feel comfortable and downright confident in front of the lens. And hey, if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area (or in one of my travel bucket list locations), maybe we’ll even capture the magic together! 1. Flaunt What Feels Good Opt for outfits that let you breathe, move, and ooze confidence. Wearing something that feels familiar is the ultimate power move. Ditch the tight dresses that have you questioning every inch and opt for comfort because, let’s face it, you can’t conquer the camera when you’re busy worrying about how you look in a new outfit. 2. Location,

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Candid 101: Capture perfect, timeless pics.

What if I told you that most “candid” photos aren’t all that “candid”?  Mind blown? Buckle up and read on. Okay, so what the hell does “candid” even mean? First, let’s talk about what we mean by “candid” photography. When clients say they want their images to be candid, they really wish to capture the moment’s emotion, natural movement, and those little moments shared between people that often go unnoticed. Conversely, they don’t want photos that feel staged, posed, and devoid of joy — I’m looking at you, American Gothic. The good news is, we can do that — but it requires planning and a photographer who knows how to create candid moments amidst the chaos of the big day. Take this shot, for example.

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Boney + Brenda 4 (After)Life

As a photographer, I have shot a LOT of weddings and have seen a lot of things. Some traditional and some not-so-traditional. This one, of the supernatural variety, falls squarely in the not-so-traditional column. The following is a REAL, BONEa-fide wedding between two genuine, very in-love, spooky spirits. Let’s begin. Brenda, the bride. My friends and favorite restaurateurs, Janessa and Chuck of Acorn & the Oak, have a haunt named Brenda.  Not much is known about Brenda. It’s guessed that in life, she was either a regular barfly at the old Lakeside Chalet or a server there. Who knows. Acorn & the Oak’s Front of House team gave Brenda her name in 2021, and she gained physical form via a gold plastic skeleton from Target

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wedding party in Portland Oregon

Searching for a Wedding Photographer in Portland Oregon? Here are 4 things you need to know.

Your big day is just that. Yours! Save the headache for the postnuptial hangover and follow these tips to find the right Portland, Oregon, wedding photographer for your big day. Make sure you click. Clicking with your wedding photographer will ensure you and your partner feel at ease on your big day. No one wants to pose in front of a complete stranger. Make sure your photographer is someone you’d like to have around during one of the most intimate moments of your life. One of the things I like to do with all of my clients is book a meet-and-greet phone call. This little phone date ensures that we have a *real* connection and are ultimately the right fit for each other. Adorable, right?

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